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The IIBM-SA Entrepreneurial Mentorship Programme

The IIBM-SA Entrepreneurial Mentorship Programme



Dates to be confirmed


08:00 – 16:00 (CAT)


To be announced


R3 800.00 per person and the balance will be funded by a sponsor on the Entrepreneurship/Mentorship Programme


The South Africa Economoy and Entrepreneurship

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) – entrepreneurship activities is an important factor in explaining patterns of economic growth around the world. However, entrepreneurship is still not recognised for the impact it can have on the South African economy. Entrepreneurship can become a major driver offering the South African economy a practical approach to grow its economy and address the current unemployment status.

Mentorship and New Venture Creation Certificate

In order to support the above mentioned driver – entrepreneurial education becomes critical. In light of this IIBM has developed an Entrepreneurship Mentorship Programme to facilitate and accelerate process.

IIBM has developed a 10 month Mentorship Programme aimed at young entrepreneurs between the ages of 25 and 35 who will be mentored by CEOs of Companies across a number of sectors.

Through this mentorship programme, IIBM will encourage both the mentors and young entrepreneurs to become active drivers in growing and supporting South Africa’s economic growth. The mentors will share and impart their knowledge and expertise easily and willingly.

The Mentors will meet with the Entrepreneur candidates once a month – sharing their own knowledge, experience and expertise.

Selection Process for the New Venture Creation Certificate for young Entrepreneurs

In the selection process, the criteria for nominating potential Entrepreneurial candidates are as follows:

  • Young men and women between the ages of 25 and 35 will be considered.
  • A matriculation exemption
  • English literacy and
  • Mathematics literacy
  • The “Pay it forward ethos” is part of the IIBM philosophy – Entrepreneurs will be invited to participate and present their Pay forward Plans to the Committee.
  • Minimum of 2 to 3 years work experience

Objectives of the Programme

IIBM has clear objectives and outcome for the Entrepreneurial Candidates:

Entrepreneurial Candidates:

  • Receive face to face feedback session on their AVA assessment
  • Holistic Development – business intelligence, social and emotional intelligence through IIBM’s New Venture Creation Certificate (SAQA Accredited) 10 Mondules and two electives.
  • Forging networks and relationships with current captains of industry in South Africa
  • Meet with their mentors once a month
  • Entrepreneurs will be invited to participate and present their Pay forward Plans to the Committee.


New Venture Creation Certificate Programme for Entrepreneurs (6 Month Programme)

Module 1 The Entrepreneur
Module 2 Apply knowledge of Self and team to develop a plan to enhance team performance
Module 3 Understand Financial Statements
Module 4 Research the viability of a new venture ideas
Module 5 Understanding Marketing, Sales and Networking
Elective 1 – Integrating technology to improve your business
Module 6 Creating a Business plan
Module 7 Finance and Setting up a new venture
Elective – Taxation and legal compliance
Module 8 Managing Staff
Elective 2 Recruiting Staff
Module 9 Manage administration and negotiate an agreement
Module 10 Improve new venture performance


Banking Details for EFT

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Account name: International Institute of Business & Management IIBM (Pty) Ltd

Account number: 3718 48598

Branch Code: 001255

Swift code: SBZA ZA JJ

Reference: Surname and Name of delegate/participant


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